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We take care about your Financial Asset Management Infrastructure

The backbone of each investment accounting system is the reliability and auditing acceptability for data as well as for processes. Insurance companies increasingly invest in complex asset classes including  global asset allocation.

ComnServ offers Investment Management Cloud Services using SAP FAM the world-wide proven investment management platform with an integrated NAIC statutory reporting for all major asset classes.

Scope of asset classes covered by SAP FAM:

  • Fixed Term
  • Deposit
  • Deposit at Notice
  • Commercial Paper
  • Repo
  • Interest Rate Deals
  • Cash Flow Deals
  • ...

  • FX Spot
  • FX Forward
  • FX Swap
  • Plain Vanilla Option
  • Barrier Option (Single and double)
  • Compound Option
  • Average Rate Option
  • Basket Option
  • Futures Listed Options
  • ...

  • Mortage Loans
  • Promissory Note Loans
  • Policy Loans
  • Other Loans
  • Commercial Paper Facilities
  • ...

  • Cap
  • Floor
  • FRA
  • Swaps

    • Payer/Receiver
    • Fix/Basis
    • TRS/Equity
    • Exotic (e.g. Roller Coaster)

  • OTC Options

    • Securities
    • Swaption
    • IRF

  • Futures
  • Listed Options
  • ...

  • Fixed Rate Bonds
  • Floating Rate Bonds
  • Zero Bonds
  • Drawable Bonds
  • Amortization Bonds
  • Index linked Bonds
  • Convertible Bonds
  • Dual Curr. Bonds
  • Callables / Putables / ABS / MBS Stocks
  • Subscription Rights
  • Investment certificates
  • Repos/Rev. Repos Securities Lending

SAP FAM is used by many well-known global and local insurance companies for their:

  • Investment Accounting according STAT, US GAAP, Tax, IFRS, and several other local accounting bases for a comprehensive scope of asset classes
  • Multi-jurisdiction accounting allowing for regulatory compliance on corporate parent level as well as on insurance branch level
  • Fully multi-currency approach in the position management
  • Centralized System, within they run all their worldwide Asset Management Operations
  • NAIC Statutory Reporting
    • Schedule BA, D, DA, DB, E
    • IMA/AVR Summary of Investment Schedule, Supplemental Investment Risks Interrogatories
    • Ability to upload third party data to include them into schedules/exhibits
    • Process support for designation deviation process, interfacing to statement software vendors and the SVO
    • Additional output to Excel and/or secure PDF

  • Investment Reporting, Controlling and Forecast/Projection

  • Comprehensive Audit trail functionality

  • Individualized web-based access by means of SAP Personas (optional)

ComnServ Ticketing System

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